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Property Maintenance

Kizer Landscaping & Excavating can help maintain your property and make your yard look its best all year long. We give you the best value, the best service, and you can depend on us to get the job done right. We offer many services for both residential & commercial properties, available on a one-time or either a 7-day or 14-day cycle.

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Lawn Mowing

Why spend your valuable weekends mowing your lawn? Let us set up a commercial or residential lawn service schedule for you! We’ll show up on the chosen day of the week for the entire season, weather permitting. Our lawn service includes mowing and trimming. We also always clear away clippings from areas such as sidewalks and driveways. And, we remove any small debris like tree branches or trash. Just know, we don't offer fertilizer programs.

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Spring Cleanups

If your lawn is full of leaves, rocks and other debris after the long winter, let us help! A spring cleanup gets your property back in shape after the snow melts and before the grass begins to grow. A Kizer Landscaping & Excavating spring cleanup not only includes removing any debris, gravel or leaves that accumulated during the fall and winter, we also fix areas where the snowplow may have harmed your lawn.

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Fall Cleanups

Fall means falling leaves, but there’s no need for you to spend hours and hours raking them up by hand. Kizer Landscaping & Excavating will clear away the leaves from your property, and mulch them, all while continuing to service your lawn. Not only will you have a healthier lawn, our combined fall cleanup and lawn services mean you don’t have to pay for a big cleanup job. We give you the option of having your leaves bagged and removed weekly. We also offer curbside pickup! 


Our continuing fall cleanup services will prevent too many leaves from accumulating in your yard. Let us take care of your leaves before you end up with a large amount of leaves that cannot be mulched or bagged. Removing these leaves is so important before winter, since leftover leaves may harm the grass as well as result in a more costly spring cleanup.

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Snow Removal

Tired of shoveling your driveway every time it snows? If so, call us, we’ll clear your driveway in no time, all while you’re safe and warm inside! We install driveway markers along the edge of your driveway, to prevent any damage anything that might be covered by snow. All you have to do is pay for the markers. We also offer low-cost repairs if your lawn was damaged over the winter. Plus we can remove stones or other debris. 

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