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Hardscaping Services

Hardscaping uses materials such as gravel, brick, wood, or pavers to enhance the look of your outdoor space. We offer all types of hardscaping services at Kizer Landscaping & Excavating, such as the installation of paver patios, stone patios, walkways, boulder and block retaining walls.

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Boulder & Block Retaining Walls

At Kizer Landscaping & Excavating, we are experts in installing boulder and block retaining walls. Adding retaining walls to your property can open up a world of new landscaping possibilities, and help create an outdoor space you can be proud of. Our experts will analyze the slopes and grading of your property and help you decide where a retaining wall might be a great addition to your yard.

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Paver and Stone Patios

Patios built with pavers or stones can be the most effective way to turn your yard into an inviting space for entertainment and enjoyment. Our experts will install a patio that not only looks good but will last for decades to come. In addition, we also offer many complimentary hardscaping, landscaping, and excavation services to take care of the rest of your outdoor needs! 

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Stone Steps

Stone steps are not only a classic outdoor feature, they are also a durable and attractive addition to any outdoor space that has varying grades. Our experts at Kizer Landscaping & Excavating will install stone steps that will enhance your yard with a feature that will truly last. Explore the rest of our website for other services like paver and stone patios, walkways, boulder and block retaining walls and more that will be a perfect pair to your new stone steps.

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