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Landscaping Services

Kizer Landscaping & Excavating offers all kinds of landscaping services to make your yard look its best. These include mulching, shrub planting and removal, along with boulder and block retaining walls, pavers, and stone patio hardscapes. We can customize any offerings to meet your needs!

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Mulching Services

One of the landscaping services offered by our team at Kizer Landscaping & Excavating is mulching. We will deliver and spread mulch on your property to make your yard look its best. Kizer uses the highest quality mulch in a variety of colors. We also ensure all necessary preparation is complete before beginning your job to combat the growth of weeds and ensure the long term beauty of your property.

Whether you want an entirely new landscape design or just want to freshen up your current landscaping, we can help!

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Planting Services

Another one of our landscaping services is the planting or removal of trees and shrubs. Through creative planning and expert installation, Kizer Landscaping & Excavating can reimagine your existing planting areas or create beautiful landscaping around newly built homes.

Contact us today to begin the process of designing and creating your dream landscape!

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